Robocopy is now on Springest

By Jurgen Gravestein

Great news, people. 🎉

The Conversational Academy is now on Springest. It’s like the Airbnb of online educational websites, offering hundreds of training programs and courses. It means we are now visible to the big corporations in Germany, Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands. And of course to those who work as independent designers in the field of Conversation Design.

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Check out our academy page to see how we compare to other online courses out there. Are you in our Conversation Academy already? Make sure to leave a review for other future conversation designers. It would make us very happy!

Are not in our Conversation Academy, but looking to lift your chatbot operation to the next level? Do you want to train and certify your conversational team? And give them the necessary tools to design natural and convincing conversations?

We offer an extensive Conversation Design Course, consisting of 40+ powerful video lectures, downloadable worksheets, and an official accreditation from our instructors after you complete the course.

Live Webinars Series

Additionally, our Live Webinar Series is starting by the end of June. It consists of 8 weekly webinars, diving deep into the most important conversation design skills you need when you start designing for voice assistants and chatbots. You will get the opportunity to ask questions to our experienced instructors and receive personalized feedback on your projects as well.

A blog post on our Live Webinars Series will be coming soon.