Give it up for the latest members of the Robocopy family! These guys rocked their Conversation Design training. Soon, they will be changing the conversation as certified graduates of our Conversational Academy.

conversation design partner

But wait, what did they become experts in? Simply put, they learned fundamental skills to make chat and voice bots interact more naturally with users. In the Conversational Academy they learned how to write dialogue that is more natural, helpful and persuasive. And – above all – more human.

Oh, by the way, Crossphase is looking for more tech-loving content creatives to join their team of conversation designers. So, go check out the vacancy.

Helping to give conversation design the attention it deserves

Robocopy teaches three pillars of conversation design: psychology, language, and technology. Companies often struggle with an imbalance. They may be heavy on the tech, but underweight when it comes to good conversation design and psychology. Our certified designers know how to use the power of three to create meaningful dialogue that gets users where they need to go.

The Conversational Academy trains and certifies conversation designers around the globe. It helps professionals write better copy for chat and voice. Whether you have been running a bot project for long or have only recently started up your project. Robocopy’s certified conversation designers make tech come to life.

Interested in kicking up your chat and voice design a few notches?

Then contact Crossphase, our official partner, for a consultation.