The 5th International Chatbot Summit In Tel Aviv

By Jurgen Gravestein
On the 25th and 26th of June 2019, Robocopy speaks at the Chatbot Summit in Tel Aviv amongst over 70 speakers and 1500+ attendees!

Hans van Dam, one of the founders of Robocopy, will take the stage on the 25th of June and deliver a 60-minute Workshop on Advanced Conversation Design for Chat and Voice.

For the past five years, the Chatbot Summit has connected professionals and organizations that believe conversational AI will be the next curve in digital experiences. To date, four successful international conferences have been held in Berlin and in Tel Aviv, with ever-growing numbers of attendees. However, this Chatbot Summit is going to be even more spectacular!

That is because the conference brings the world’s most influential brands, global technology leaders and fast-growing startups together. There are workshops, deep-dive sessions, exhibitions and amazing keynotes to attend.

On behalf of Robocopy, Hans will discuss how enterprises can scale their conversational teams using the proven Conversation Design Process. A method that has helped teams across the world improve their conversational interactions. He will dive into the three most crucial domains: technology, language and psychology. And he will also tell you why improving your knowledge of these three domains will make your chatbots and voice assistants more natural, helpful and persuasive.

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Want to follow Hans van Dam? You can find him on Twitter @hvdam.

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